10 tips to find the best Domain

Choosing the right domain is not always easy, here's ten tips to help you find the best domain for your new business!

  1. If you can, get a .com! There's a reason they're popular.
  2. Keep it short. Under four syllables is good, and two is perfect.
  3. If you can't get a good .com, don't worry. Get a short domain on an alternative TLD, and then buy the .com when your business is bigger and ready for it.
  4. Including keywords can work great for SEO. E.g. if you sell shoes, try to have "shoe" in your name.
  5. Hyphens are a bother to type. Think twice about using them.
  6. It's also okay to use an alternative tld if it's appropriate for your business: .io and .so for tech startups, .org for non-profits, .ai for AI focused startups, .me or .blog for personal websites.
  7. Use a name generator tool (like namy.ai) to find good alternatives if your first idea is taken.
  8. Make sure it's easy to pronounce. Even if you can get a short .com, you should not choose it if your customers can barely pronounce it. (e.g. krdnf.com)
  9. Check if there is an existing brand with a similar name. You don't want to confuse your customers.
  10. If you've finally decided to buy a domain, make sure to do it through a reputable registrar!

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