Best places to post your startup

So you've built something: a startup, a side project, anything. But the old adage of "build it and they will come" is not really true anymore. You need to market your work!

There's tons of places on the internet where you can post your startup or project and get loads of traffic. Here is a comprehensive list of the best, free sites and places to promote your work. Additionally, each new site you submit on is one new juicy backlink for SEO.


These are the behemoths. You probably know them already, but if you don't, definitely plan launching on them.


Probably the biggest name in the game when it comes to launching. Getting viral here can make your business.


Another must-launch for any startup. The HN audience is picky, but if you manage to show them something they like then be prepared for a huge explosion in traffic. The HN-hug of death is nothing to joke about, and there's nothing worse than having your website down at a crucial moment like that.



Talking about hugs of death, there is rarely a website that does this more often than Reddit. The daily active userbase is in the millions, and getting viral here could mean a huge step for your business.

That said, finding the right subreddit to post on is not the easiest task. It will depend on what you're building, and what the audience is looking for.

Still, there are generic subreddits that should work for most cases. Just be respectful of the local rules.

  1. r/Entrepreneur
  2. r/startups
  3. r/imadethis
  4. r/Saas
  5. r/roastmystartup
  6. r/smallbusiness
  7. r/indiebiz
  8. r/InternetIsBeautiful (this one is HUGE, but you'll have to get lucky)

You should also try submitting in specific subreddits, but those depend on your niche. For example, since namy is a domain generator, I posted it on r/domains. If your website is about gardening or gardening tools, consider submitting on r/gardening.

The not-so-big but still big ones


Doesn't take long to add your startup, and it's a big name in the industry. Definitely worth posting on (even if it won't bring you that much traffic)



Same as above. Fast, free, important. Do it.

You probably have competitors; is a great place to steal users from them. Also a great directory for getting keyword specific backlink juice for that ever-important SEO.

Other free sites to post your startup on!

Most of these sites don't have a lot of traffic, but I've curated all the ones that are free and fast. It might take you an hour to post on all, but I highly recommend it. Boosts your backlinks like nothing else, and it's an okay source of those initial users.

Looking for more info? Some other great resources: