How to find the best domains with

How do you find the best domain name for your business? With of course!

However, Namy is a very powerful tool (we employ a 5GB custom AI model), and it might not be obvious how to use it to its fullest extent.

To get the best possible suggestions, you should enter a prompt that the model can understand. Don't just use keywords! Think of talking to Namy's model as if you were talking to another human. Describe your business in detail: What does it do? How does it do it?

The best results come when you describe your business accurately (imagine you're writing an advert! That's exactly what you should be aiming for.) Here's a few examples:


BAD Prompts:

  1. "JavaScript tutorial"
  2. "house + roofing"
  3. "crypto, NFT, decentralized"

GOOD Prompts:

  1. "A website where you can learn JavaScript with our multitude of high quality JavaScript tutorials"
  2. "we are a San Diego based roofing company that mainly operates with traditional roofing styles"
  3. "we are a startup that operates in the cryptocurrency space and offers exclusive decentralized NFT drops"

These prompts are much more descriptive, and our intelligent model will give you much better suggestions in turn!

Hope you have fun playing with the AI model and finding great domain names!

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